"The taste bud teaser" 

This expression fits well with the calling of Le Damier (Checkerboard) and that of its French Chef: : André Chapron whose quasi unique approach in West Africa was to gather together all the facets of catering under one umbrella.

Indeed, the Damier is a welcoming Restaurant, and also a Pastry shop, a Chocolate heaven, and a Catering service. With all these activities, the Damier towers above all else in the Republic of Guinea. The crowded living rooms on the ground floor and upstairs prove it every day as early as 6:30 a.m. while the Niger market is slowly waking. 

The quality charter of the Damier is recognizable among any others: Know-how and stringent selection of produce, service and friendliness are the key words.

since 1989, the Damier, has not only raised high the banner of French cuisine in the Republic of Guinea, but also participates constantly in training young Guinean apprentices graduating from Cenfoth and Séfico : two local schools.

Every day, under the guidance of André Chapron, thirty people ensure smooth operations in this Conakry institution.

But what makes this passionate marathon runner tick (he has crossed Finland, China, Quebec, New York, Rotterdam, and Médoc) at the DAMIER, from the kitchen to the lab, from the dining hall to the store? No doubt the urge to discover and create every day new horizons for the palates of kids and adults.